Programas de Coaching Operativo en inglés

Proagramas de coaching en Inglés



– Introduces participants to the knowledge of origins and
history, evolution and develop of coaching.
– Provide Knowledge to participants to clarify the deep meaning
of coaching that allows them to differentiate it from other
related disciplines.
– Provides participants with information to learn about the
different types of coaching and its usefulness, making them
aware of the specific needs of each case.


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Introductory + Essential training modules

Introductory + Essential + Advanced training modules


For whom it is?

People with or without previous experience who wish to know the
basics of coaching and the keys of human communication, making
coaching their profession or wishing to complete their professional
offers (psychologists, consultants, trainers, etc.) with this type of


Coaching Operativo introductory training module

1. Welcome
Course expectations and association with strengths
Team alliance for the training

2. History of coaching
Etymology: Meaning of Coach and functions
Origins and evolution
Help Relationships: Start of Projects, Accompaniment in Change processes , improvement of relationships, help in decision Making…

What is and what is not coaching?
Differences between coaching, training, mentoring,
therapy and others
Philosophy and rules ICF (International Coaching

4. Types of coaching
Personnel Coaching or Life Coaching Business and
Executive The leader coach
Team Coaching

5. Neuroscience and Effects on behavior change
Your environment and coaching Neurological levels, Identity and
Empathic Approach

6. The five key communication Skills
Match Listen and Ask
The 6 Markers and listening Blocks Observation and observable
Induction non-verbal communication and gesture reading
Sensory channels ace to starting Point for connection Feedback
and types: Descriptive and evaluative.


Main Goal:

Provide to structured and effective coaching model that allows
participant Carry out their coaching Interventions.
Facilitate coaching conversation structure and tools for analysis
and development in different stages of process.
Provide indicators to evaluate the process and be able to facilitate
concrete action plans to improve day by day as a coach.
Carry out practical experiences that facilitate the internalization of
the model and enhance the identification of improvement areas.
Develop the skills to manage emotions before, during and at The
end coaching sessions.
Learn to support the coachees emotionally and to apply the
method in any situation.
Challenge the beliefs of the coach to be able to act as a coach with
total presence and attitude in front of the client.
Get to know in depth The 8 Basic Competences of ICF.






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